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  • "Tools, Tricks, and Tips for Product & UX Enhancement"
    @ 4YFN (part of Mobile World Congress) - Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2024
    "As startups move beyond initial MVP, strategic product development and UX enhancements are key to maintaining a competitive edge and user satisfaction.
    Join this session to delve into practical examples and real use cases of Network APIs, such as Silent Authentication and Number Verification, showcasing innovative approaches and actionable strategies for enhancing your product and delivering an exceptional user experience."
  • Workshop: "Integrating Multi-Channel Communication with Vonage: Harnessing the Power of Messages and Dispatch APIs"
    @ 4YFN (part of Mobile World Congress) - Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2024
    Effective and versatile communication channels are pivotal for businesses to connect with their customers. This interactive workshop, designed for both developers and IT professionals, will guide attendees through the intricacies of integrating multiple messaging platforms (like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) seamlessly into their applications.
  • Workshop: "Elevating Communication with Vonage Voice API: Bridging Phones and Web Browsers"
    @ 4YFN (part of Mobile World Congress) - Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2024
    In this workshop, participants will learn to integrate Vonage Voice API to enable seamless voice calls between phones and web browsers. We will cover setting up voice calls, managing inbound and outbound interactions, and leveraging advanced features like text-to-speech and call recording.
  • "The Next API Revolution Will Be Wireless"
    @ JS Monthly, November 2023 Meetup - London, UK - Nov 30, 2023
  • "The Next API Revolution Will Be Wireless"
    @ DevCon - Bucharest, Romania - Nov 6, 2023 [slides]
    The world of wireless connectivity is on the cusp of a major transformation, and it’s happening on your phone too.In this keynote, we will embark on a journey through the evolution of 1G to 5G networks and operators, charting the path that has led us to the brink of this exciting new era and will explore how Network APIs are emerging as the pivotal tool for unlocking the full potential of our interconnected world. From enhancing connectivity and data exchange to revolutionizing user experiences, these new wireless APIs are set to transform our digital landscape. Get ready to uncover the future of Network APIs and learn how you can leverage them to drive innovation for your customers.
  • "Adventures in Flutter-land"
    @ Dev<Talks/> - Bucharest, Romania - June 21, 2023 [slides]
    There is always that business lure to save money and "build once, deploy everywhere"; and it might work for a short while but long term support is a nightmare. The community is full of stories of rewrites.In this keynote, I've took Flutter for a spin and see if it lives to its hype. It does have a big name behind it and one must wonder why does Google provide an alternative to its native tools.
  • "What Developers Want"
    @ Apidays Live Paris - Online - Dec 7-9, 2021 [slides] [video]
    @ Apidays Live Singapore - Online, April 20 & 21, 2022 [video]
    Attracting the right audience is always tricky and, when that includes developers, it's always a good idea to have a clear and concise messaging on what the product is, what it does, but, ultimately, what problems it solves. Moreover, developers have a very tune BS-meter and always avoid being marketed to.In this talk, I've described the strategy we employ at Vonage to thrive in a highly competitive CPaaS market and the challenges we face when trying to find the right audience.
  • "Brave new world of SwiftUI"
    @ DevTalks Reimagined - Online - June 2020 [slides] [project]
    Apple's description of SwiftUI is: "an innovative, exceptionally simple way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift". In this talk, we'll explore the process of building a simple messaging app using this new shiny tool and the opportunity and challenges it brings across.

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