Nov 17, 2023

Python multiple inheritance gotcha

I've started learning Python recently and came across a puzzling issue when learning about multi-inheritance. I believe it's a very likely trap for newcommers so here is a quick write up.




Mar 17, 2018

Test or Go Fishing — a guide on how to write better Swift for iOS

Slides from my TechTalks Timisoara talk

iOS swift TDD


Apr 05, 2017

TDD-ing your Realm objects in Xcode Playgrounds

Learn how to test Realm object and truly embrace test driven development

iOS Swift TDD Realm

Mar 28, 2017

Using old versions of Swift in Xcode

Apple released new versions of iOS, watchOS, tvOS & MacOS yesterday, and with it came a new version of Xcode, 8.3, that only includes Swift 3.1 — the latest and greatest of Swift. This becomes a problem if you’re using a 3rd party libraries in binary form.

iOS xcode swift


Nov 15, 2016

Morality in software development

There is absolutely no doubt on the ubiquity of digital devices in our lives and the impact that software has on us as a society. And, as software developers, we live in a world where it is, at times, unlikely to see the direct result of our actions — despite having a more direct channel of communication with the end users.

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Oct 03, 2016

A “What’s wrong with this Swift code?” problem

a simple “what’s wrong with this Swift code” interview problem I stumbled across; it highlights a side effect of computed class variables

iOS Swift Swift Playground UIKit tips

Feb 13, 2016

Explaining technology well is hard

a great example of a relatively complicated concept explained so any soldier could understand it


Jan 30, 2016

dotSwift 2016

One of the most instructive conferences I’ve been to — you should not miss it next year.

swift Apple

Jan 29, 2016

My dotSwift 2016 talk “The Forgotten Cloud”

revisits the core concepts behind CloudKit APIs, including CloudKit.js

talk iCloud

Jan 02, 2016

The New Year Resolution to Fail

By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. Decide during the Summer and prepare for it!

rant productivity habits


Nov 22, 2015

Must Watch: Jeff Bezos on the Future of Amazon (1999)

An amazing insight into the early days of Amazon and on how to make it


Oct 24, 2015

NSLondon talk - "Developers' Emergency Guide to Public Speaking"

A pragmatic guide on how to plan, create and deliver a technical talk, with minimum stress, maximum enjoyment and positive conclusion

talk tips speaking

Sep 19, 2015

My tips for when speaking at a conference

my humble list of tips for when speaking at a conference

talk tips speaking

Jun 22, 2015

My DevTalks 2015 talk

Dev Talks gathers great community leaders, innovations and fun, the key ingredients to explore the trends that will shape Mobile, Web, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things.

talk mobile


Oct 02, 2014

Curious Minds Conference

Curious Minds aims at building a tech hub in Brasov, a community of developers who like to know everything and never stop wondering.

conference event curious minds brasov siemens

Jul 06, 2014

My first 10k

This morning I ran, for the first time ever, well... in 20 years, a 10 km distance.

running fitness indoor indoor running advice tips

Jun 18, 2014

Beautiful solution

"When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. But..."


Jun 15, 2014

My impromptu motivational speech at iOScon

iOScon 2014 was the first conference that I've co-organised. I was really energised by the whole environment and, since the common theme across the participants and sponsors seemed to be the lack of developers available, I've decided to encourage the participants that they should find their dream job.

talk iOS iOSCon

Jun 08, 2014

Swift creator joins Twitter

As Swift was announced, Swift & LLVM's creator Chris Lattner joined Twitter and his first tweet was an instant success.

swift Apple

Jun 02, 2014

WWDC2014: Apple introduced Swift

Swift is a new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch that has been created as a successor for Objective-C; nevertheless, developers can use both Swift and Objective-C in the same project.

iOS Swift WWDC

Apr 07, 2014

DevWeek 2014 talk: "iOS developer overview"

So, you're a developer, but you have never worked with iOS? In this session, I provided a head start on how to plan, build, debug and release iOS 7 apps.

talk iOS Xcode Objective-C

Apr 01, 2014

DevWeek 2014 talk: "Prototyping saves your bacon"

Prototyping is often a misunderstood subject, especially when it comes to mobile apps. It is often mistaken for wireframing or detailed project specifications.

talk prototype mobile native

Feb 14, 2014

Teaching iOS in Timisoara

Been to Timisoara (a town in west Romania) to teach iOS.

iOS teaching

Jan 10, 2014

Privacy as a feature

Without doubt, 2013 was the year our worst fears materialised. The Snowden revelations confirmed what some people already knew and others fantasied. Scary!

privacy rant


Dec 17, 2013


Some lines I wrote

beautiful stars sun infinite poetry

Aug 14, 2013

Busker in Rome

Whilst visiting Rome, we stumble upon this little gem

Rome busker performer artist accordion


Jan 23, 2012

Prototyping your iPhone/iPad app

A talk I gave back on prototyping mobile apps, back in January 2012 at SkillsMatter.

prototype mobile native


Jul 29, 2011

My Coding Style

My Code, My Rules - style guide heavily influenced by the "Zarra Studios Coding Style Guide"

code coding style coding style Objective-C

Jun 14, 2011

My thoughts on "Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die" program

You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live, now.

terry pratchett euthanasia


Feb 01, 2008

A la Bacovia

A slightly down poem

bacovia gri iarna ger singur poetry